Tuesday, 29 March 2011


On the way to the physio today, I saw a very inquisitive spaniel (what other kind is there?) having a little tug at its lead because its owner had stopped at a cashpoint, and what use is that? Spanni had already sniffed that bit of pavement, nothing to report, lets move on, because I am a spaniel, I have things to find and people to play with, I'm a spaniel, that's what I do, the world loves me! A sighting of a spaniel always makes my day. The only thing more fun than a spaniel is a spaniel puppy.

Becky, if you read this, your kittens are a bit wonderful too.

Came home to find that Stephen, the godsend gardener, has begun building a low wall at the bottom of the steps. This presumably is so we can go down the garden without landing in the compost heap. However, should you ever look over a river and see a compost heap with a pair of legs sticking out, it means Stephen didn't build it high enough. Please rescue me.


Rose said...

Spaniels sound cute... what do you think of Welsh corgis, though?

Today I got through the first chapter of Urchin of the Riding Stars with some young friends of mine. I'm hoping to read the whole series to them. It's been recieved well so far.

margaret mcallister said...

Hi, Rose! I don't have much experience of Welsh Corgis, though when I was a little girl we had a holiday on a farm where there were five of them. One was a bit grumpy, but we became great friends with the other four. I can still remember their name - Bronwen, Gwyneth, Sybil, Pom-Pom and Dilys. Are they your favourite dogs?

Delighted to know that you're sharing Mistmantle with young people. I hope you all enjoy it.