Monday, 28 March 2011

Happy Monday

A sunny Monday, which is always a good start. Garden thriving, but I have to keep watering everything because it's been dry for so long. The drought is not such good news for the ducks, which have left in disgust and moved downriver. Along this stretch the riverbank is stony and they can't upend themselves without being concussed on a rock. An elegant swim turns into an obstacle course.

Lovely Younger Son has just come back from a weekend with The Lassie. Lovely Older Son is unwell but went into work today in spite of disapproval from Lady Sunshine and me. Daughter is gearing up for a big flute event this weekend. And Tony is out doing an internment of ashes for a truly grand old man who lived well and fully, and died with nothing to regret.

The Golden Child, very small god-daughter, now has come through chickenpox, and learned to walk. Sixteen months old, and she has a CV! Unfortunately she can no longer be distracted from a biscuit by a game of Incy Wincy Spider.

And me? Sorting the heaps of stuff in the study, then I'd better go down to the river. There may be an unconscious duck in need of help.

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