Friday, 4 May 2018

More Bears

The Bears are getting much too excited. They all want a mention on the blog, so Teddy, Little, Cuddles, Froth, Baby Bear, Flora, Mother-and-Baby Bear, Coco, Stuart, Spencer, Treasure, Bobby, all the Kent Bears, Wilberforce McGregor and the rest of you, consider yourselves mentioned.

Is Teddy Robinson still in print? I liked Teddy Robinson, who frequently got the wrong idea about things and could occasionally get grumpy, but was a kind, reliable, fuss-free bear. He was a devoted friend to Deborah, his little girl. A few years ago I was at an author do and was introduced to such a nice woman. This was Deborah, all grown up! When I was a kid reading the books, I just knew we'd get on well, and we really did.

Bears are magic. They retain their composure whatever we tell them. They are super-absorbent and rust free, because you can cry your heart out on a bear with no ill effects. They don't mind you getting older - bears and owners get worn out together - and they understand when you want to leave them in a box for a while and go to bear-free zones. They will wait for you. They tolerate being dressed up, dressed down, married, christened, hospitalised, held upside down, and slept on. Almost the only thing they don't tolerate is being left behind. If a family waves goodbye leaving the bear in the garden or hiding in a bed, you can bet your life they'll be back in ten minutes. Those bears are masters of tedekinesis.

IMPORTANT - One condition which is harmful to bears is Cuddle Deprivation. Next time you see a bear in a charity shop, pick it up. Give it a hug.

Hang on - you're not going to put that little bear back on the shelf, are you? Not now you've hugged him! Not now he thinks he's finally found his forever person!

He won't cost much, and it's a charity. He will love you. He won't seek attention or take up much room. You know you want to.