Monday, 16 September 2013


One of the things I do last thing every night is The List. It's the list of all the things I have to do the following day, including some that probably won't get done, but if they make their way to the list they stand a chance of being sorted out within a week. There are three things to remember about the list -

1 put down some things that you want to do as well as the ones you have to,

2 put in some really obvious ones, things you do every day anyway and don't take long. You get a sense of achievement crossing them off, and

3 where you put it.

I may as well put 'find list' at the top of mine. I can sometimes find it first thing in the morning, but at some point it always escapes. I must have wasted years of my life looking for the list. At the moment the lists are invariably written on squares of yellow paper, so I can usually find yesterday's list or one from the middle of last week. At present I haven't a clue where today's is. It may have taken refuge behind a cupboard with a lot of other lists on yellow squares. 'Phone Mum and Dad' was on it, and a trip to IKEA, and the next stage of the new book, I've done those, and I meant to phone a lady from a bookshop, oops, forgot that. And I know 'blog' was on there. What shall I blog about?


Clara Darling said...

Lol, I can relate to this post! When I make out a list, I purposefully put down "regular duties" so that I can feel good about marking them off. And then I always put the list somewhere and then can't ever find it again!

I haven't commented in a while, but I still read and love your blog posts:)

Samantha Silverstein said...

Speaking of list, I learned that even if I have a list in my head, that I should write a list when I go to the store to by food.

This week i'm making nachos. :)

Yum, choclate cake for dessart

margaret mcallister said...

Hi, Clara! Funnily enough, 'blog' wasn't on my list today but I managed to remember it. I like 'regular duties'. Perhaps I should head my list 'get out of bed'

Hi Sam, how did the nachos turn out? I've never made those.

Samantha Silverstein said...

The nachos were great.