Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I don't know what she thinks she's doing today but she hasn't written a single word. First she went to her physio class. Really. If she was well enough to do all that walking last week, and wander round those gardens yesterday, AND catch a bus this morning, she doesn't need a physio class.

Then she started doing what she called 'catching up'. That's what comes of a week's holiday. It's been all letters, e-mails and phone calls all afternoon, then she and Lady S sat down and made flower garlands for the wedding. Out of tissue paper! That wouldn't have done for My Lady Aspen's wedding. Oh, and she might even get round to the washing and cleaning eventually. And she did find time to cook.

Lady Aspen used to make such dainty meals. I don't suppose she knew what potatoes were, let alone scrubbing and baking them and filling them with cheese, as She of the Stories did today. She of the Stories! Peasant of the Potatoes, more like.

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