Thursday, 29 July 2010

Sunshine and boxes

Beautiful sunshine, streaming through the windows and making everything feel happy. The Lovely Lady's flowers in their pots reaching up for the sun, glistening with drips from the watering can. Even Much the Gnome looks contented - well, as near contented as he ever does.

(Muttering in the distance "Yeah, well, s'alright for 'im - I'm the one who sits out 'ere all night and keeps an eye on the garden while 'e snores 'is 'ead off, slugs crawling up me 'at an' all...")

He likes it really. It's his favourite spot, looking out over the river in the moonlight.

Then came the Man in the Van, with big boxes, full of stories from She of the Stories: "Urchin and the Rage Tide" has arrived at last. So tonight, when work is done, the Hairy Bloke will sit down with a glass of something nice, and Urchin, and go back into the stories of Mistmantle. Been waiting a long time to read this. So excited!

And the Lovely Lady is back home in just two more days. Can't wait...

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