Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Hairy Bloke

Bit of a grouch, that gnome. "er's got a bloke" - it's the Hairy Bloke who loves the Lovely Lady, and who has already done a bit of gardening. The plants in the tubs and pots all had a very nice drink, burped very politely, and said "Thank you very much." Well, that's what the gentle swish sounded like, and they all looked as if they were smiling. Gardens do, if you look at them the right way. Our garden is full of smiles - the otter has a very otter-like smile, the flowers wave happily in the breeze; it's just that gnome who never smiles. Sits there and grimaces at the river. Doesn't even smile when the ducklings go past. Not even when the snow tickles his ears as it falls.

Bit of a puzzle really - how do you cheer up a stone gnome? Will he smile when Margi comes back next weekend? I doubt it - it'll be "Oh, 'er's back - an' 'er'll be full o' bright ideas for writing plays and things... There'll be no peace, now."

Actually, I think that's what cheers him up - having something to grumble about. Only happy when he's miserable? Well, I've met plenty of folk like that - if it makes him happy, he can grouch all day. I'll just get on with doing things around him, looking after the house and garden for Margi until she gets back.

Can't wait...

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