Saturday, 3 July 2010

Hamilton Crispin Me

Some of you like to hear from Hamilton the Hamster, some of you want to know what I've been doing, and there is always a clamour to hear from the creatures of Mistmantle. Lugg, Crispin, Fingal and Apple seem to have quite a following. So today we'll all have a say - or a txt from Hamilton, but I have rewritten it for you.


Always make sure your hamster, or any other animal, has fresh clean water in this weather. It's easy for a small creature to dehydrate in this weather. I have been working on the designs for a bicycle - I think I could build it if Bethany can bring me the parts - but it's too hot to even think about cycling just now. Running on a wheel is OK.


There is nothing like splashing about in the bay on a hot day. There's nothing like splashing about in the bay on any day, but when it's like this, you get warm sun on your fur and a splash of cold water in your face,just when you want it. I've repainted the boat and left it to dry in he sun, cos just now I'd rather be in the water than on it. I've been trying to teach a small hedgehog to swim, but he swims like a brick, so not much success, I'm afraid.


Another sunny week with a pretty garden and the strawberries ripening. A delightful day yesterday, with a baptism party in the afternoon and a get-together at a friends house in the evening. A garden. A warm dry evening. Great food and drink, and even better company. Beautiful. Thanks, Kath.

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