Monday, 28 September 2009

The Queen Elect

The two lads and Lady Sunshine (elder son's girlfriend, sorry, LOVELY elder son's girlfriend)have just been sitting on the floor playing Risk, which is a board game about armies taking over the world. I disapprove of the reality, but the game is OK. I have made it clear that if any of my children should happen to take over the world, I would like to be Queen of Lichtenstein and a few pretty bits of Switzerland. Then I went to Denmark, and it's so magical - no wonder the Danes are supposed to be some of the happiest people in the world. Perhaps Queen Margareth would consider a job share. My name is almost the same as hers, so nobody would get too confused. So I should remind you now and again that I am (or we are) the Queen Elect of Switzensteinmark.

We seem to have a flurry of enquiries about Mistmantle animals and blogs. We shall see what we can do. And Hamilton - Hamilton the Wonder Hamster, of whom we are very fond - is greatly looking forward to the adventure of blogging, being a computer-friendly hamster. We are pleased to inform you that his Christmas adventure should be available to purchase very soon. If you haven't met him, do go to our website and you'll find him in a chimney pot.

To all of you in the USA, that's how queens are supposed to talk, and it doesn't harm to practise, just in case.

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