Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Good evening! I understand my brother Fingal has been talking to you, so no doubt he's left you totally confused. Sorry about that. The woman - Queen of Switzensomething-something - who writes our stories has been on holiday for a week and has just come back, and is now pinging about like a squirrel on a spring trying to catch up with work.

I understand that she's trying to make her life less complicated. Uncluttering is the word. I fear a long and fierce struggle is ahead,and she may not be altogether successful. Anyone who goes on holiday and comes back with two china plates, various greeting cards and notelets, a selection of very silly fluffy bobbles for making things with and an assortment of cones, leaves, twiggy bits and lichen can't persuade me that she's seriously uncluttering. I suspect she's making room for a different sort of clutter. Heart love her. And you, too.


Captain Padra

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