Saturday, 24 October 2009


What do you do to keep a nonagenarian happy? Give him a remote control helicopter. That's what lovely elder son bought for his grandfather, and didn't that make his day!

Granny is not pleased.

Dad comes from the make your own entertainment days, which in his case meant a train set which grew like Topsy until it took up the entire attic. When I was small, a favourite thing when the grass had just been cut was making homes for fairies out of grass cuttings. I was never too particular, I didn't mind what moved in - spuggies, snails, ladybirds, urban pixies - so long as it was alive. The immediate result, however, would be grass stains on a cotton dress.

Mummy was not pleased.

This got me thinking about Mistmantle games. We know that they play First Fives and Find the Heir of Mistmantle, but I expect they build play houses in the forests and make swords out of sticks so they can run through Anemone Wood pretending to be Crispin. Any other thoughts out there?


Unknown said...

Hi Mrs. McAllister;

First off, I want to say thank you so much for writing the Mistmantle books! They're a family favorite now, and we can't wait for Urchin and the Rage Tide to come out here. :) My sister and I think that The Mistmantle Chronicles should be a movie, too.

I can just imagine all the little animals running around with stick swords and shields! I always thought they'd have tree-climbing contests or something like that, or they'd make rafts like Fingal did. Or maybe they'd have storytelling games and make up tales about Mistmantle heroes. :)

Take care and God bless,

margaret mcallister said...

Tree climbing contests for squirrels, great idea! digging contests for moles, and otters try to swim underneath each other's boats and capsize them! Do hedgehogs do rolling down hill?

I'm delighted to know that you like Mistmantle so much - they were written for people like you! I'm sure they do tell stories, especially around the fires on winter nights. Thanks for your comment!

Margi McAllister