Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Over the last two days I have written LETTER AFTER LETTER AFTER LETTER AFTER LETTER to young readers and my hand hurts. But it's a lot easier for an adult to write a letter than for a child, and when they've gone to all that trouble it's important to reply in person. I've done a couple of postcards to godchildren, too.

Yes, we have e-mails and I suppose they are more environmentally friendly than letters. But there is something so special about getting a card or a letter through the post, even for an adult, and especially for a child. Always keep a few stamps, general cards, and postcards in the house for when somebody needs a lift. Include funny ones.

A few years ago, I had a little health scare. My best friend phoned on Saturday evening and I wasn't going to tell her, but the third time she asked 'is anything wrong, because you're coming into my head a lot?' I told her. The card arrived on Monday morning. It showed a small person looking faintly worried as she skied over the edge of a cliff, and said something like 'don't panic - God is still in control'.

Skiing over the edge of a cliff may not be recommended, but good friends and cards are priceless.

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