Sunday, 12 October 2008

riding lights

Last night, Cinderella went to the ball - Cinderella being me, with my husband, so no prince required.  It was the Riding Lights Theatre Company ball, their big fund-raising event, and if you don't know about Riding Lights, put their name into a search engine the minute you finish reading this.  They are the most outstanding, exciting theatre company you'll see in a long day's march, and the Riding Lights Ball was a like a Riding Lights production - engaging from start to finish, never a dull moment, never a wasted opportunity.

The theme was 1970s and dressing up was optional, but my ballgown doesn't get out very often (I don't wear it for typing),  so my posh frock and I took each other to the ball.   Ooh.  We had amazing fireworks, we had an auction conducted by the multi-talented Antony Dunn, the food and drink were excellent, we played silly games (remember Buckaroo, or flipping plastic frogs into a bucket?), and the whole evening was filled with surprises, like your table being visited by a mad scientist, the Queen, or Superman.   I love dancing, and we danced.  Lots. Especially, we met some fascinating, lovely people, made new friends, had great conversations, and laughed a lot.  We finally left at about midnight.  What a happy ballgown bunny I was, with a goody bag, a bunch of balloons,  and a fibre optic lamp - no, I didn't steal it, they were selling off the ones from the 

By the time we got home, the young people in our house were tucked up and fast asleep.  Lightweights.

Let me repeat - at a search engine, and hopefully a venue, near you.  Riding Lights.


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