Wednesday, 8 October 2008

from Needle

It started with Fingal the otter.  So do lots of things.  Fingal was splashing about in the shallows with Swanfeather when she said that there weren't many starfish around this year, so Fingal said we'd have to knit them.  The next thing we knew, there was a
little flock, or pack, or whatever you call it, gathered round the workroom door wanting to know if we could
knit starfish.  It's quiet just now, so Thripple said yes.  Then I thought I could do a fish, too, so I did, and you can't have just one fish - that would be silly - so we did lots of them.  Then Hope wanted a ladybird, so Thripple made him a big one so he could see it.  Since then we've crocheted caterpillars, embroidered beetles, - and I drew the line at woodlice.  Have you ever tried to knit a woodlouse?  Don't.  

I'm teaching them all to knit their own creatures now.  Winter's coming.  I have mittens to make.  


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