Monday, 31 March 2014


It's been a busy weekend. In the UK it was Mothering Sunday yesterday. My day was filled with lovely thoughtful gifts and messages from my wonderful children, and lunch with my parents, sister and brother-in-law. A lot of laughter.

But the thing I want to tell you about is Friday, when Rachael, who is moving away, had a leaving do. Just up one of the old streets in town is one of those places where you can paint a plain item of china and have it glazed and fired. Rachael booked it for the evening, laid on drinks and puddings, and invited us all for a girly do. We all chose something, listened to the instructions, put on our white aprons, and settled down to paint, sponge, stamp and stencil. The choice of items to paint ranged from fridge magnets to vases, there were thirty-something colours of paint and all sorts of clever stuff to help people like me who can't draw. It was one of those occasions when you can be very creative and chatter nineteen to the dozen at the same time.

The stunning thing is the range of what was made, and the sheer talent. There will be the most beautiful stuff coming out of that kiln this week. I can't tell you what I made or it would spoil a Surprise for Someone, but the woman next to me did a jug decorated with bumblebees, somebody opposite drew a cartoon pig, there were spotted and flowered vases that looked thoroughly professional and WHEN CAN WE DO IT AGAIN? But my favourite thing was the big plate. Rachael painted it with hearts and it was carried round the room by the Lady in Charge for everyone to add a thumbprint. Beside each thumbprint a name was pencilled in, and hair and eye colour noted to be added later. So when the plate is finished each thumbprint will be turned into its owner's face.

If you wanted to make this into a story you could have a magic plate - a lost plate - a plate with one print missing - a plate that becomes evidence in a criminal case because it conceals a secret -

In the meantime I am so looking forward to collecting my...

Not going to tell you, not yet.

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