Tuesday, 27 August 2013

So far...

Thank you for your patience! On 7 August we moved in, helped by daughter and LOS who worked like Trojans on special rates for overtime. On the 9th we were supposed to get the internet sorted, but in fact that didn't happen until last Friday, when we were away at Greenbelt Festival. The e-mail is still a bit wrapped around the cuckoo tree, but we are getting there.

So - the kitchen is nearly sorted and we have a usable living room and - ooh! - a sunny conservatory. Suddenly I feel the need to be conserved. Our bedroom is sorted, I have half a study and the attic is being turned into a place of dreams. Tony has a study (though how everything is going to fit in here is beyond anyone without a sonic screwdriver and a Tardis.) I've just been heaving heaps of books off the spare beds so that the Sunshines will have somewhere to sleep when they next visit.

I didn't want to go to Greenbelt. I mean, I did, because Greenbelt - an annual Christian Arts Festival held at Cheltenham Racecourse - is such a great blend of music, worship, thought-provoking talks, challenges to more simple, eco-friendly and just lifestyles, calls to address the big problems of our time and to stand up to power, and that's before you start on the theatre/comedy/galleries/fair trade stalls/best coffee ever. Especially, this year, it was a chance to meet up with friends I won't see so much now we've moved. Meg Harper and I (we shared a publisher for a while) got together over tea and cake for a chat and talked non-stop for two hours. That should put the world of publishing right. And Christian Aid tackle the problems of poverty and hunger while dishing up delicious fair trade food.

The only reason I didn't want to go this year was that we've only just got our house, the first house that's belonged to us and not to the church! I didn't want to leave it in case it fell down or ran away or blew up or got invaded while we're away. But it's still here, safe and sound. There's much to be done, but we're in.


Kaitlin said...

Oh, praise the Lord! I am so thrilled for you and the new House of Stories! Hope it's shingled with many a new tale for us!
I hope that Much will write you...maybe by snail mail? I miss him!
The Lord's blessings to you!

Samantha Silverstein said...

Hi. So that's cool that your in a new house of stories.

I just started a blog -- coffeemistressandawsommeness.blogspot.com

can you chek your email beceause i'm having a writing emergency.

margaret mcallister said...

Snail mail! Why didn't I think of that? I shall send him a snail at once. ... just a moment, I have to think this through.

Hi Sam! It's taking me weeks to catch up with e-mails, in fact with everything. As for your writing emergency, I suggest you put your heroines in great danger at once. Choose your danger.