Friday, 2 August 2013

bear with...

Bear with me, we are in the middle of sorting everything out before the removal men come on Tuesday and it's all a bit wild here, but today was a day off so that we could spend some time with great friends in the beautiful Harlow Carr Gardens. Sunshine, amazing gardens, good friends and family and Betty's cafe. If that's not a good day, I don't know what is.

Yesterday, though I say it myself, I played a blinder. Within half an hour I'd arranged for some old furniture to go to one charity and surplus bedding to another. I also found an antique dealer who sells pre 1980 records, and I came out of that one twenty pounds up. Hey, I'm good at this. I'm not so good at the 'saying goodbye to people' bit. We've done a lot of moving house over time - this will be our ninth address in thirty five years. We're really good at the practicalities of moving. I could write the manual. But the partings get harder every time.

Much moved, too, yesterday. About ninety degrees. I looked out and saw daughter struggling with him (he's no lightweight) and he can now see across to the river. He looks pleased.

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