Wednesday, 10 July 2013


For the first time in my life, I stood behind a waterfall.

On a long and very scenic journey through Norway from Voss to Ulvik, we had a five minute break near a waterfall, a real joyful, white and frothing bridal gown of a waterfall. A path led up to the point where it cascaded down over a ledge so that you could walk behind it and not get wet.

Normally if I see silver needles in front of my eyes it means I'm either sewing or getting a migraine. But yhese silver needles were droplets, delicate as wire, fast as flashes in the wild water. As you approach a waterfall it roars, but standing behind this one, it laughed uproariously.

Maybe there is a country behind the waterfall. Maybe there is a door there. Perhaps the trolls live behind the waterfall but I find that hard to believe. Trolls are clumpy and earthy, but what lives behind a waterfall? Unicorns?


Nina Ruth Bruno said...

I wonder what otters think of waterfalls?! :-)

Samantha Silverstein said...

me, too. I bet the Mistmantle animals love waterfalls!:)

margaret mcallister said...

I believe that otters on this side of the mists like the quiet pools below the waterfalls, where you can swish about safely and the fish land there for the taking. But on Mistmantle they absolutely adore them. On a sunny day after a lot of rain you can hear the cries of 'woo-hoo!' as far as the Tangletwigs.

Padra, as Senior Captain, couldn't possibly shout 'Yes!' while jumping down a waterfall. So that can't have been him, can it?