Thursday, 4 July 2013


Guess where I've just been.

Mountains. Water. Friendly people. The cleanest air I've ever breathed and the purest water I've ever tasted.

Deer. Porpoises.


Mountain railways to views that make you gasp. Boats to carry you through a magical landscape.

Going to bed when it's still daylight.



Samantha Silverstein said...

Switzerland... or Alaska, but most likely Switzerland.

Samantha Silverstein said...

Orrr Austria, maybe Austria.

can you come visit the U.S. pleasesss, caz' then i can see you/.

oh, and visit Canada! It is like a bit of Europe, but with Americans ( not really :) ) and maple syrup and Niagara falls (ok, it's not as massive as they say on TV, but still cool)

oh, and French people and creeaps, mmm ( sorry if i spelt it wrong)

margaret mcallister said...

Switzerland is on my wish list! I've been to Austria and that's very beautiful, too.

You should visit Europe. You'd love it!