Wednesday, 17 July 2013


The amount of stuff that's coming out of that house just now, it's like a blooming Tardis. There's four boxes of books waiting to go to a sale and five bags of stuff just got carted off to the Oxfam shop. Young LYS came over today and they filled up the car with 'is stuff and took it over to 'is new place. Them lizards'll 'ave to move over. The bin's full and 'er filled two more bin bags with rubbish today. The amount of paper going off for recycling, blimey, it'll keep the nation in loo rolls for a month.

It takes 'er hours to turn out a drawer. 'Er ends up sitting on 'er study floor sorting through all this stuff, papers, cards, dear knows what, then it's 'oh, I'd forgotten I had that!' and 'er's off on a sentimental journey into two Christmasses ago, or whatever er's found. The stuff that's in that attic! It's got 'er study at one end, Daughter's bedroom at t'other and a little sitting room in the middle, but you wouldn't call it a sitting room any more, it's like a blooming ware'ouse. It's a wonder the ceiling don't come down.

It's so 'ot just now, I'm glad of me bit of shade, so 'er don't cut back the branches too much. Plenty of company, too, what with folks sitting out in the garden, them little birdies 'opping about and a duck on the river with a late brood of littl'uns. In the 'ouse they keep windows open a lot just now. Sometimes a fly gets in, 'eaven 'elp it if 'er sees it. 'Er's a fast 'and with a swatter, 'er's always got last week's Radio Times at the ready. Or 'er sandal. 'Er goes around barefoot these days, I reckon 'er only keeps 'er shoes handy for walking on rough ground and whacking flies.

I get to 'ear The Archers, too. 'Er says you like to keep up to date, so 'ere goes -

Matt's 'ad enough of Lilian, so 'e's off. I 'ad enough of Lilian a long time ago. So has Brenda Tucker, er's gone abroad somewhere. (Sounds to me like an actress looking for a new job any time now.) Caroline ain't well. There's a creepy guy hanging around Helen Archer. Tony Archer's sold 'is cows and 'e sounds like 'e's about to cry, but 'er says 'e sounds like that all the time so I reckon 'e's all right. An' the old sheepdog died.

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