Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Missus was saying this afternoon as er'd like to be sitting outside in the garden with a cold drink in 'er 'and. Well, I'm not stopping you, I says. I know, says 'er, but I got work to do and I need to use the laptop. Yeah, I says, laptop. You sit outside in the garden, you've got a lap, right? Then 'er says the sunlight on the screen means 'er can't see the words. What does 'er have to see 'em for? 'Er knows what they are, don't 'er? Anyway, 'er needs to get 'erself out 'ere tomorrer if 'er wants to enjoy the sun cos we're set for rain, thunder, the lot on Thursday.

We 'ad visitors on Monday and I reckon they're the folks what are coming 'ere after them two move out. He knows 'is gardens, the new chap, and 'er told 'em all about me. Later, 'amilton Bear comes for a little stroll around the rockery. I asked 'im, did 'e meet them new folks?

"Oh yes," says 'e. (He's a bit posh, our 'amilton, in a nice kind of way.) "They're very nice people. They said hello to me and my friend Radcliffe. They understand about bears."

Right, so they're OK with bears and gnomes. Sounds all right, dunnit? They seem willing to feed them ducks, too. They just need to make the acquaintance of me snail and we'll get along fine.

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