Sunday, 2 June 2013


I just been down the garden getting some flowers for me hat. Them roses looks a bit faded now, but she's got some beautiful japonnanonica and bluebells, just the thing for a hat. If you want to know why I'm decorating me hat, I'll tell you, it's sixty years today, sixty years, mind you, since their Queen Elizabeth got crowned, Heart bless her, she were that young and everything and what a weight that crown must have been on her little head. She's an old lady now, but what a lady, and still working, she still has to have tea with the Prime Minister every week, poor soul. So I did up me hat for the Diamond Queen.

Anyway, while I was doing me hat, She of the Stories and him, they went off in the car to see their Lovely Younger Son and take some of his stuff to his new place what he's sharing with his friends. She comes back and she says, Apple, that place is full of lizards. Funny friends he's got, I said. Turns out she's exaggerating. His friends are very keen on lizards, they've got them vivvy area things, like tanks for them lizards to live in. What do they do, them lizards, I said? Not much, she says. Well, one of them did something. Oh yes? I says. It blinked, she says.

Now, Padra and Arran's young Ffion, she's very fond of that little frog, I know that. But it does something. It does hopping and croaking. Dunno why you'd want a lizard. The things they feed them on, it don't bear thinking about. Lovely Younger Son likes it, he always wanted a Bearded Dragon when he were a little boy. Can't understand that meself. I blame the parents.


JonnyK44 said...

I had two anoles when I was in college: Elizardbeth and Chamele-Anne. I had to buy crickets at the pet store for them, something my parents hated (the lizards came home with me that year). I wonder if they left the lid off the cage, or if the cat was really crafty enough to do it herself. Either way, the two lizards were either fertilizer in the yard or they're living somewhere in the woods, plotting revenge.

margaret mcallister said...

I find the crickets pretty off-putting, too. I feel very sad now about your lost lizards. Maybe they've gone feral.

One of my godsons kept chipmunks, but one of them made a rope out of the sheets, or bribed the guards, or something, and headed for freedom. We expect to see stripy squirrels in the park one of these days.

Oh, and BTW, they also have axolotls. They look semi-evolved to me, and can out-weird most things.