Thursday, 17 February 2011


I had a great morning at our Toddler Group today. For one thing, very small people kept running up to me and hugging me. They are usually much too busy riding tricycles backwards and dressing up the cuddly lion in a frock, and all the other things that toddlers do, so I was pleasantly surprised to be hugged. It's just occurred to me that their dads may have been watching the rugby and they were actually attempting flying tackles, but I prefer to think I was hugged.

First thing in the morning, when I arrived, I noticed a huge yellow digger in the car park, which was a bit of a surprise. When the mums and children arrived, they told me that the children had been asking where it came from. The mums said they didn't know, but one bright little soul settled it.

'It must be Margi's,' he said.

Of course.


Deborah said...

Urchin and The Rage Tide did not disappoint, I very much enjoyed it. A delightfully crafted tale!

I found a copy of The Octave of Angels for my next read.

I live in the states, but I love your English ways! :)

margaret mcallister said...

Thank you! The Octave of Angels is very different from Mistmantle, but I think it's very English, so hopefully you'll enjoy it. You'll see some American input inspired by the students from Minnesota who used to come to us for home stay. They were such fun!