Wednesday, 7 April 2010

much the gnome

'er didn't mean to repeat herself, she said, she just didn't know which blog had blogged and which blog had got lost somewhere and of course she needed sonny to sort it out for 'er. Don't know what she did when he weren't living at home.

She got 'er garden fire going, took her half a tree full of matches, I nearly split me sides laughing and I'm made of stone, so it would 'ave been serious. Managed to do it without calling out the fire engines. Went around smelling like a well-smoked kipper after that.

And Newcastle United have been promoted. As a Yorkshire gnome I can take or leave 'em, but this house is black and white, blimey, no wonder we've got a magpie's nest in the 'olly tree. (What sort of stupid bird builds in a 'olly tree, eh?) Would have been better if Newcastle hadn't gone down a league in the first place, but I don't like to say that in this house. Come to think of it, I live in a house full of Geordies and they're not doing badly, so haway the lads.

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