Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

It was snowing lightly as we walked to our friends' home for their New Year party - great company, fun conversation, lovely food - then we all walked down to church together for the Watchnight service, about fifty of us squashed into the choir stalls with tall white candles everywhere. We all spilled outside in time for the clock to strike twelve - fireworks, snow, a full moon, and even one of those Chinese lanterns which looked like setting fire to one valiant lady and a tree, but managed to soar safely away into the clear night sky. After the ceremonial jumping up and down on the bridge we were invited back for champagne and cheese and things, and finally wandered home through the snow and fell into bed around 3.30. Now, that's how to do New Year. Many thanks to the providers of hospitality, and much love.

I had the weirdest dreams. An overwrought mind, or cheese at 2.00 am? It was still snowing lightly when I woke up - I mean, properly woke up - and I'm not telling you when that was.

Happy New Year, and bless you.

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