Monday, 3 November 2008

Also Ran

A few days of silence from the house of stories generally means one thing.  I wish it meant a deep state of contemplative silence or a furious outburst of creativity, but it doesn't, it's a migraine.  However, the little goblin with the drill has now left my left temple and the keyboard stays still when I look at it.  Nasty things, migraines.

November the first and second are All Saints and All Souls Day.  I love the idea of the great throng of heaven all having a party.  I think the idea is that All Saints are the official Saints, and All Souls are all the millions of loved and holy ones who don't get a mention in any books or lists.

Today, I've been thinking that 3 November should be All-So Ran day.  Remember all the people who might have lived great and holy lives or even simply loving and helpful lives if their potential hadn't been crushed.  The ones who had the warmth starved or beaten or terrified out of them, the ones who learned to live with their mouths shut and their heads down, the ones who'd love to believe in God but simply can't, the ones who were sent to fight wars they didn't understand and died still not understanding, 
or carried the weight of those wars for the rest of their lives.

Today is nearly over, so do something tomorrow to feed a child, to warm a heart, to stand up for
the weak.  God bless the Also Rans, and God bless you.

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