Saturday, 5 March 2016


Welcome, visitors to The House of Stories on the brand new apple tree website! A certain Sam has been prodding me for ages to get it updated, and here it is.

The new website may mean that we have new visitors to the House of Stories, so welcome, find somewhere to sit, and I'll introduce you. The House of Stories is based in Northumberland, where I live, and sometimes tells you about what I'm doing, either with writing or with the muddle that gathers around me. Occasionally some of the animals of Mistmantle turn up here and tell you about what's happening on their beautiful island.
And sometimes Much writes it. I met Much at a house I lived in previously in West Yorkshire. He's a plain, unpainted garden gnome on a snail, very weather-worn, short in stature but not short of opinions. We named him Much after one of Robin Hood's men, and also as in the expression, 'You can always tell a Yorkshireman, but you can't tell him much'. He now lives with us in our garden, along with Oliver and his dog Dodger, who were here when we moved in.

My husband Tony sometimes blogs if I'm away. You may also meet the family, Daughter, Lovely Older Son (LOS) and Lovely Younger Son (LYS). Daughter is married to Daughter's Chap, and they're The Hobbits. LOS is married to Lady Sunshine, so they're the Sunshines, and LYS is married to The Lassie, and they are The Cahooties. Hamilton Bear sometimes gets a mention too.

Now and again I update you about The Archers. It is the world's longest running soap and is set in a fictional village somewhere round about Oxfordshire/Heart of England country. Not to know what's happening in the Archers can be a serious social disadvantage. I know that Pat and Tony Archer don't listen. How can they not know what their son-in-law is really like? The rest of the nation does and is baying for his blood. So you see, it's really important to know what's going on in Ambridge. For those of you across the pond - how do you live without it?

But this blogger is a writer, and shouldn't she be telling us about writey stuff? OK. For those of you who like to write, here's an idea.

Write a story of no more than one hundred words, which must include the following words - Much Apple Hobbit Archer

Have fun!

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