Friday, 22 November 2013

They say you remember

They say you remember where you were when President Kennedy was shot. I was a child sitting on the floor watching the news on a small black and white television. I remember thinking it was strange that there was a TV camera there, because nobody knew what was going to happen. What I was watching, of course, was that little clip of home movie that has since been seen around the world.

It was around that time that I had a simply lovely young school teacher. We called her Miss Anderson but her real name was something Dutch. At the end of the year she left to get married and I think she was going back to Holland. At the end of every day, for storytime, she read to us from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I was spellbound. On those autumn afternoons she opened the wardrobe door to us all and I have been a citizen of Narnia every since. So are my children, and I've just bought a copy of Prince Caspian for the Golden Child's big brother.

On the day that President Kennedy died that great soul, C S Lewis, passed to heaven. As he died, maybe I was listening to, or thinking of, Narnia. I still do.


Samantha Silverstein said...

I need to be imspired... I don't feel imspired. I need a pep talk for my writing because somehow I mess up on my ideas....

Samantha Silverstein said...

btw fill me in on Mistmantle. I want to know how everyone is doing.I wonder if they celebrate something like Thanksgiving. Do the animals celebrate around that time?

Is there any new animals on Mistmantle? Is Corr back? Has he found any new islands. What if there was an island with other, non Mistmantle animals (squirrels,otters,moles,hedgehogs) inhabiting it.

I would love to live in Mistmantle. If I did, i'd be a otter and I'd love to write and read books. I'd love to explore and make friends and swim, defiantly swim and eat fish. I bet you would be a red squirrel if you lived in Mistmantle.

I need a massive pep talk.

Kaitlin said...

Mrs. McAllister! My Dad and I were just talking about C.S. Lewis...what a blessed, blessed man.

margaret mcallister said...

Sam, Corr isn't back yet. I look forward to hearing where he's been, too. I'll send a pep talk.

Kaitlin, an extraordinary man, and kind and humble one too. I wish he'd written more for children.