Monday, 25 November 2013

Gleaner and Crispin


If she must tell stories, I wish she'd get her facts right. I'm not saying that she tells lies, exactly, but she's said two things recently that aren't true. Firstly, Newcastle won that football match two-nil, not three-nil as she told you. And she wrote something about turning left out of Kings Cross station to go to all those places around Euston. If she turned left out of Kings Cross she'd be going the other way, wouldn't she? She'd no doubt end up in some grim little corner of north London, and serve her right.

Either careless, forgetful, or just plain deceitful. My lady was none of those things. And she's common. I don't know who that king was or what he was so cross about, but I'm sure it's not the sort of area for a refined squirrel like my Lady Aspen.


Frost again this morning. Urchin and I went to check Anemone Wood and make sure all the animals were snug for the winter. We can always provide a few more blankets and feathers for nests.

It's still another whole moon before the Winter Festival and we don't expect snow yet, but Oakleaf has the sledge ready. Everyone is busy making little presents and surprises for the Festival and hiding them away. Every time I go to say goodnight to the little ones I hear them whisk away under their beds, giggling, to hide something. Sepia is composing something new - you hear her twanging a few strings on the harp then singing it over to herself. And the kitchens! I was running down the wall outside the kitchen window yesterday and that waft of hot spices, raisins and oranges stopped me in my tracks.

Cedar's gone to discuss Threadings with Lady Thripple. Gleaner is muttering to herself about something, but I think she's all right. It's quiet now. If you look out you can see lights in the trees where animals live. Sensible animals are curling up in their nests, but you and I are still up. Not very sensible animals, are we? Would you care to join me for a cordial? Juniper and Hope will have the fire lit in the turret by now. Let's drink hot spiced blackcurrant juice and look down at the lights on Mistmantle.


Samantha Silverstein said...



Hey, i got a question. What kind of food's are well known as being European? Can you discribe the food for me? That's anothere question that I forgot to add in my email.

Kaitlin said...

Oh, poor dear Gleaner. Here in Texas, it's a wet sort of chill. Very nice clear skies at night, though. Something very bright that I am guessing to be Venus is superb right now. (And if it's not Venus...maybe it's a visiting Narnian star?) Much joy to you, Mrs. McAllister!

margaret mcallister said...

It depends which part of Europe, Sam. France is very different from the Austrian/German cookery, and Italy and Spain are different again. that's before you start on Britain. Anywhere in particular?

It's turned wet and blustery here, too. I'm so glad we had such a perfect day on Wednesday. Definitely a Narnian star!

Nina Ruth Bruno said...

I would care to join you for a cordial, dear King Crispin! And just to let you know, my niece Phoebe named her newest addition (the softest bunny rabbit you've ever seen!) "Juniper" in honor of Brother You-Know-Who! :-)

margaret mcallister said...

Nina - Brother Juniper is most honoured and sends best wishes to Phoebe and his namesake!

Nina Ruth Bruno said...

If I knew how to upload a photo as a comment, I'd sent Brother Juniper a picture of the young bunny - who is as soft as velvet & I think will grow into a very handsome & noble rabbit! :-)