Tuesday, 29 October 2013


The curtains arrived today. Just two pairs,one for the landing and one for our bedroom, but it means so much to us. It's part of making this house the way we want it. They're a light William Morris pattern of leaves and berries with 'Love is Enough' printed across, green on white for the landing, blue on white for the bedroom. The old grey shiny curtains from the landing will go to a charity shop, or maybe a drama group could use them for costumes. The old ones from our room are past hope, I'm afraid. So then we got all of a whatnot hunting for curtain hooks and finding we hadn't got the right size, and Tony going out for more, and a lot of climbing on chairs, and finally, we have beautiful curtains.

Bedroom curtains are very important. When you wake up in the morning, what do you see? Probably it's your bedroom curtains. Then again it might be a teddy bear. In my case it's frequently a cup of tea, because Tony gets sorted out in the morning before I do. And many years ago it was our dog who woke us all up in turn, escorted me to the bathroom, and then took me for a walk. But what I mean is, bedroom curtains are an important part of the beginning and end of your day. I look forward to swooshing them shut tonight and open in the morning.

I'm thinking of inventing something else that goes swoosh - a fairy to live in the garden. It would give Dodger something to chase. Perhaps two fairies would be good, to keep each other company. But they'd better behave or they'll be uninvented, sharpish.

Just to keep you up to date - Kenton Archer and Jolene are getting married and his unbearable daughter is a bridesmaid. Ed's cows are dropping dead and David's sheep have been worried by dogs. I'm worried by Jill Archer, the wholesome and reliable matriarch, who has been driving so dangerously that Joe Grundy nearly had another injury. Put your glasses on, pet.


Samantha Silverstein said...

So. I dressed up for Halloween. I'm wearing a black dress with the moon and stars on it. Yeasterday I watched the nightmare before Chistmans.

I wish someone could draw me a scary piture.

margaret mcallister said...

You've just watched a scary picture!

Samantha Silverstein said...

Margaret, i don't understnd what you mean. But your STILL awsome. YOU ARE THE BEST PERSON ON EARTH BESIDES ME. I mean it. Your soooo cooolll. I look up to you. Hey, I sighned up for a writing class and am going to get a ( wish it was mutipul ) lessons on how to write a story in three weeks or less. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! I get to met writers, just like me. Hope i make some friends.

I sent you emails. :) Your awsome. Today was awsome. Every day is awsome!!!

margaret mcallister said...

I hope you have a great time with that course, it sounds so cool!

Samantha Silverstein said...