Monday, 24 May 2010

noodles poodles apple strudels and other things that made me laugh

Yesterday, I was telling some small children about what happened at Pentecost, and said that the disciples all started speaking in languages they'd never learned, and saying words they'd never known, like bienvenu, guten morgen, bravissimo, apple strudel - at which they all fell about laughing, because apple strudel is one of those naturally funny words. I think I once told you that I love words that end in 'le' or sound as if they do. So when we went back into church I was thinking of noodles, poodles, and apple strudels.

I look forward to your thoughts about noodles, poodles, and apple strudels. Or fiddles, riddles, and taradiddles. (I believe taradiddles is a rhythm that drummers use.)

And later I had one of those 'I'm sorry, but it's so funny' moment. Delightful younger son just lent me another Terry Pratchett, 'Guards! Guards!'. I just started reading it in bed last night when husband was dozing off to sleep. There's a long exchange of passwords in the pouring rain, then the door opens - well, eventually, because 'the Door of Knowledge Through Which the Untutored May Not Pass sticks something wicked in the damp.'

So I lay awake giggling helplessly with my teeth clenched. Shaking. I hope I didn't wake him up, but I probably did.

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