Saturday, 25 April 2009

Portrait of a an orang-utan

Anyone can get a migraine. Only I get migraines like this. It grew all day on Sunday. Hopes of escaping it by running away for three days in Cardiff failed. A faint and nasty smell of chocolate at the service station was enough to tell me that the Meany-grain was with me. Nothing else puts me off the smell of chocolate like that.

Monday, I rallied enough to totter briefly round Cardiff Bay and fall back into bed again, sure that I'd be fine by Monday. At least husband was able to get out and take the camera for some long walks, and our daughter joined us as and when.

Tuesday I finished The Portait of a Lady. I admit, M'Lud, I am an ignoramity and I aint read no Henry James before so I thought it was time I did. Not sure that I'll read any more and definitely not with a buiding site in my head and the cement mixer in my stomach. Tomorrow, I thought, I will wake up without a headache.

Wednesday Woke up with a headache. Sat up and and saw trashed orang-utan in hotel room. Wish they wouldn't put the mirror opposite the bed. At this stage whatever was inside me (which can't have been much) decided to abandon ship. Further details spared. Husband loaded me into car for journey home.

Thursday Headache has applied for leave to remain indefinitely. Legs capable of carrying me to bathroom (as above) but not necessarily getting back. Doctor called in. Doctor impressed. Suspect he would like to frame this migraine and put it on his wall with the details of where and when he landed the beast. Husband takes prescription to pharmacy. Medication brings on drowsiness and funny dreams which are much nicer than reality and may inspire a book one day.

Friday - woke up without a headache! Not much use of arms and legs, but finally totter downstairs and whisper orders to husband, son, and the lassie, all of whom have been fantastic throughout. Try to play piano, but hands still shaking.
After eating nothing since Sunday lunchtime, suddenly starving and munch enough toast to feed an orphanage. (I lost six pounds in a week, but really wouldn't recommend it).

Saturday Have put myself up fo sale on e-bay as an online pharmacy. Still staggering a bit, but definitely better. Isn't health a great thing!

Can anyone out there out-migraine me?

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