Sunday, 12 April 2009

bright day

Church this morning was joyful, celebratory, fun, powerful. Lots of children, and all, enjoying it. In the last hymn (Thine be the Glory) we celebrated with party poppers, streamers, and bubbles (yes, I had asked the vicar first). Flowers everywhere. Big smiles.

Both my boys are home, and my husband is talking to daughter on the phone. We've been topping up the lassie with coffee and chocolate all day and watching her go hyper. Lots of music in this house today. And laughter. It's been a real spring day, so I've been finding things to do in the garden. I didn't know if the passion flower would survive the winter, but there are buds on it now. My friend Stephanie, who has been having a grim time with chemotherapy, is now feeling so much better.

I know it's not the same for everyone, and if you're having a rough time, my heart goed out to you. But here, it's been a bright day.

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