Saturday, 14 February 2009

riding lights

I've just come back from a members' day with Riding Lights Theatre Company, which has been doing wonderful stuff on a shoestring, or sandal string, for thirty-one years now. With an inspiring love for God, love for theatre, and love for the world about them they have produced consistently excellent theatre year after year. I know that I can take anyone to a Riding Lights production and they won't be disappointed. For me, they are the only company I would put up there with the RSC, and this is with a tiny budget, a theatre like the Tardis, and amazing ingenuity. The energy and originality of RLTC is breathtaking. And it isn't just about theatre in theatres. Their touring company, Roughshod, is a small band of hard-working young actors who perform in churches, prisons, school, or wherever they're invited. Their educaion wing works with local kids, and they have a first rate youth company.

They're doing some work with film, now, too, but at the heart of it is live theatre, powerful, exciting, and accessible. As RLTC say - 'Getting Theatre Everywhere'.

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