Monday, 15 August 2011


Within a couple of minutes walk from our bedroom in Kent was the lily pond, all fringed and sheltered by the long grasses. When you get down to the edge you see the lily pads as big as dinner plates, and the floating water lilies. Late at night these fold their petals in and go to sleep, but during the broad daylight they open and spread their white petals to drink down the sunlight. In the middle of the pond, nobody can reach to pick them or prune them. All they have to do is to be water lilies.

They have company from the moorhens, which dash across the water from one lily pad to another as if they were running for a bus. We didn't see so many of those this year (maybe the bus had gone.) The frogs were keeping out of the way, too.

Today - hooray! the plumber comes to replace the hot tap on the bath and I will be able to have hot baths again! I know that showers are more economical and better for the environment, but I so love a hot bath. The Lassie just gave me some lovely bath stuff, too, and I'm looking forward to using it. All I need is a waterlily. And a moorhen. I'll pass on the frogs, thanks.

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