Saturday, 27 November 2010


My paws are tired. I've had a great day, but a very tiring one.

She of the stories went to a Knitting and Stitching Show today, so I tagged along. Getting lost in Harrogate on a snowy day is quite pleasant for a while, but my legs are much shorter than hers, and I am very close to the ground. However, the exhibitions of work were simply spine-quivering. There was Miss Havisham's wedding dress, and the stopped clock, and the wedding shoe. The Narnia wardrobe and the lamppost. A felted swallow's nest with three little chicks. The beading, the felting, the embroidery, the...

oh, all right, if you're a man or a very annoying otter, go away. I know you're not interested.

I bought some beautiful yarns and beads for the Threadings, and learned a new way of making braids for the edges. She bought a bead loom for Lady Sunshine who has already made half a mile of beaded cord and is now making bracelets for the nation.

She bought a lot of stuff for herself, too. It's the old story. She'll start off with her yarn or her beads or whatever it is, get in a tangle, and need me to sort it out for her. But before anything else, I need to soak my paws. It's been a long day. Fingal, I told you to go away...

oh, bless him. He's brought me sea water to soak my paws in. Just the thing.

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