Tuesday, 5 October 2010


We've got a nice chap doing the garden just now. Knows what 'e's doing, which is a sight more than 'er ladyship does. He does his job, and lets me do mine. 'E clears away the ivy and I tell 'im when he's missed a bit. This weekend was entertaining, the blooming river came through the fence. Flattened a few weeds, an' all.

Those two weren't 'ere, they were off to London so he could get his sirtifikerat or summit and a big black dress thing, scare the daylights out of them ducks, that will. 'Im and 'er been talking about the Nashunal Gallery, apparently it's full of paintings. What d'you want paintings for? You've got a river, an' a garden, and me and me snail to look at. You got weeds and dickie birds an'all. Anyway, they seem to have had a great time with them paintings. They said you have to choose which bit yer want to look at, and take yer time. I ask you, 'ow long does it take to look at a painting of a few old geezers or some bloomin' water lilies?

The other thing 'er likes about the Nashunal Gallery is the cakes. 'Er reckons it's one of the best cake places in London, and blimey, 'er should know. 'Er says 'er can't walk far just now. Funny 'er ran out of steam just outside the Nashunal, innit?

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