Sunday, 21 March 2010

the messsge mirror

At present the message mirror has something not very polite written on it. Nothing shocking or offensive, of course - not on my message mirror - but just not very polite.

The message mirror is in our hall, and is very useful for writing on. We keep some thick washable felt pens and some cleaning stuff beside it. Sometimes it just says things like 'buy flowers' or 'post parcel', or it might be 'Hello Claire' or whoever else might be coming to see us. It usually acknowledges birthdays, favourite saints days, and all other odd celebrations. Sometimes it reminds us to pray for people. At the beginning of each month, it usually has pictures of rabbits, because you should always say 'rabbits, rabbits rabbits' at the first of the month. (Or so I was told.) And various visiting friends and godfamily usually write on it too. Very Small Goddaughter has now sorted out the difference between the mirror and the wall, which is a big help.

Lovely younger son, 'the laddie', always sorts out the recycling and leaves it out for collection the night before its due. Last week he forgot, so on the message mirror I put a picture of a very angry fairy, and 'the recycling fairy is very cross'.

Another message has now appeared. I think I should clean it off before the recycling fairy sees it, and gets even crosser. And who knows what she might do?


Lexell Cassini said...

Hi! I drew this today. Can you take a look, please?

margaret mcallister said...

Love it! You are skilled and talented, and I hope you make the mot of your gift