Tuesday, 16 June 2009

the railway

You've probably worked it out. Hamilton is sending the message out amongst the teddy bear network. 'If you don't like where you are, if they neglect you, if you're on a shelf where you're not happy, if you're having a hard time, make your way to this house. If you can't get to the house, just find any member of the family. If you can't find family, find a close friend, they'll bring you to Margi. You'll be all right here.'

So that's it. Hamilton runs an underground railway for bears in need of a refuge. Oh, and elephants, and of course we seem to have a lot of Mistmantle animals and a patchwork giraffe (thank you, Katie.) We adopted the orphaned cuddlies when my aunt and uncle died. We couldn't just leave them, could we? We've been trained by amilton.

I didn't understand exactly how Hamilton got the word out, until my friend Judith asked me if any of my bears used bearepathy, because hers do. Of course. Why hadn't I worked that one out? Bears and spaniels have always communicated without words.

PS Bears are easier and don't need the vet

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