Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Good evening!  Here's the Blog.  Blog should b a character in one of my stories - Blog of the Swamp, Blog the Impossible.  I'm Margaret McAllister, author of the Mistmantle Chronicles, Hold my Hand and Run, The Life Shop, High Crag Linn, and lots of the Treetops books you get in schools.  

Of course, authors don't really have time to blog.  It's not just that we're writing the next book, or re-writing it, for the third time, or checking proofs, or any of those authory things like school visits or chatting to bookish people.  In my case, I'm
just as likely to be doing the washing, or nipping out to the corner shop because we've run out of milk, or phoning my grown-up kids to see what they're up to.  Or reading somebody else's blog because it's a way of putting off work.  Or - at the moment - making Noah's Ark cushions for the toddler group.  (I'm rubbish at sewing, but nobody told the toddlers.)

So, sometimes I'll write the blog and sometimes I'll get one of the characters from my books to blog about their lives and what they're doing, and what they think about things.  Tess may have something to say, maybe on long winter evenings at Winnerburnhead.   The Mistmantle animals
are sure to have something to say.  Apple certainly will, and so, I think will Fingal.  First, though, I have to explain to them what a blog is.  Todd asked if you could eat it.  Hope wants to know if blogs are friendly, and Tay said it sounds like something utterly disgusting and she's ordered the maids to clean it up at once.

She can't stop me blogging.  Speak soon,


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